[Male Unicorn]

Your eyes fall over the fairly big and strong form of the unicorn stallion before you, Dusk's coat a deep black, but with a luminescent sheen to it, catching even the softest light, highliting the various shapes and contours of his body.

Depending on the lighting, at first you might almost mistake his mane and tail to be black as well, but you quickly notice they are a deep shade of violet. Both are fairly basic in style, free flowing, and full. The loose "bangs" of his mane somewhat obscure his face, but you can easily make out the reflective, much brighter violet eyes beneeth, as well as the protruding black spiral horn.

Glancing further back, upon his flank is a horizontal line, above it is the last remnants of a setting sun, with several specks of stars above that.

Dusk wears his usual pair of classy looking red anklet cuffs on his rear hoofs, each of sharp, clean material, and shiny like his coat.