NightRaven gets the calls from Dusk an to go on to other tests, a faint nod seen. Her wings tuck close while she stops flying and she turns heading downwards only to let her wings flick out during several times as she skids to a stop in the air and then starts again. She twirls about doing a few loops along with twists and turns up, down, left and right. Her wings stretch out while she does this as if it was no effort for her at all. Which she is a very physical pony as it is thanks to her pony but she does seem to be more graceful, and still much quicker then before the 'accident'.

Fluttershy's eyes are mostly on Nightraven, but they flick back and forth occasionally, following the conversation like an Airball match. "R-right, the birds..." Yes, the birds. Flutters will have to apologize to Twilight for any damage to her library, or nests around her magical lightning rod.

Tejene says, "Dusk if you could please assume that I've told you IC, while Night was doing her flying, how to nullify the effects of the medicine I brought. Just in case there are any odd/bad reactions effects. Just wash it with salt water and it'll dissolve right off. I've got to attempt sleep before midnight this time. =)"

Dusk hhms. "Well they indeed might be of use, if it can be found how to harness them correctly. Perhaps they can help injured or ill ponies get back to strength. Or enhance the power to heal quicker. The spider creatures appeared to live with them at the least, and perhaps off of them. But as we also saw, they can release a lot of dangerous power too, if not careful." Plain's comments do make him wonder if zebras do harness magic innately like ponies do. He nods to Chance and confirms the numbers with the previous ones already filled in on the sheet. "That is certainly one possibility. But I think that might only be if the material passes out of her system. As from what I can tell the cystal material constantly emits this field. It doesn't 'run out.' Well other than perhaps the 'over charged' ones of the core cystal. But even then those should drop to normal levels afterwards." Still watching the sky closely as NightRaven manuvers he spots a familiar one.. "Is that Lady Starfire?" he inquires to Chance. But his full attenetion quickly returns to NightRaven. First off all he notes how great she seems to be performing. And as she turns the sunlight catches her extra silvery fur in lovely ways. And.. it's a bit to bright out.. but he thinks there is even a bit of a silvery trail left behind her as she makes the high speed turns. He tells Chance each place to time it, and waits to see the numbers, but suspects they're good. Once he has those he signals NightRaven to move on to the weather tests next.

Plain_Sight watches the pegasus soar and twit about with amazement in her eyes. "That's very impressive," she sumrises. "I guess you're all right." She perks her ears to Dusk. "Are you looking for volunteers to etst the crystals?" She scuffs nervously. "I imagine the applications must be great."

Negative Not simply content with taking photos around the town, the peculiar picture pegasus, known as "Negative" has set his sights, and his lenses, towards the mysterious magical research building. Bolding trotting in, as little ponies tend to do, he stands in the doorway adjusts his camera, and takes a quick snapshot of the room. "Hello." He says curtly to any and all present. Most of the time, if you act like you know what you're doing, and pretend you're supposed to be doing something you aren't- most people will leave you alone. In this case, Negative isn't sure if he's allowed to take pictures of magical research, but he does so anyway. Why? Because he is a picture pony, that's why! And you'll do well to remember that!

"Um...h-hello there." Fluttershy glances down at the door when Negative calls out. The ruse must be working! Well, that, or nopony has a problem with the photographer being in this building. "Um," volunteers Fluttershy, "I, um, I-I actually had some questions of my own to contribute, if nopony minds..."

Dusk grins to Plain Sight, "Well we aren't currently accepting.. applicants. But we are looking into those already effected by them yes. But should that change, I'll be sure to keep that in mind, Miss.. I'm afraid I don't believe I got your name?" Dusk's attention is briefly draw at the sound and then the bright flashes from the lab down below. The rest of the ponies are in the upper observatory. "Greetings! Do feel free to join us. Or if something can help with, do let me know," he calls out to the arriving pony with the camera. He doesn't seem to complain about it, though does find it a little odd. The lab might be slightly unusaul, but not all that exciting of a subject he would think. He actually decides to wave NightRaven off for a bit, having her go into some hold patterns while he goes over the numbers of the tests so far with Chance. While he is doing the math and working out the details he turns to Fluttershy, "What is that, Lady Fluttershy? Of course, please do ask that would be wonderful if something can help with."

Chance continues jotting down numbers and checking the stopwatch as NightRaven does her routines. He confirms with Dusk that the numbers are all good, and show an overall increase. "Those crystals have caused havok with most who touched them. Are you certain you'd want to attempt to test them with yourself?" he asks as a quick aside to Plain Sight. "I wouldn't want to see any other pony get hurt because of them.." He goes back to recording some last data for Dusk, then does some number crunching.

Plain_Sight nods twice. "I'm Plain Sight. I'm new in town and if you would like any vision corrections or you know who would, please come to me. I'm planning to set up a shop." She shrugs and nods again. "I'm not sure, I was just wondering. If you are not looking for volunteers, thank you for your time. This is a very insightful building!" She waves to FLuttershy and wanders down the stairs again. "It was pleasure to meet you! Goodbye!!"

Negative walks in, taking pictures left and right *Click Click* He is smiling, happy to take new pictures of new things! "This place is cool!" He says, taking another picture and then smiles when he sees Fluttershy and takes her picture too! *Click* "Hello Fluttershy, do you remember me?"

"O-of course. Hello again, Negative." Fluttershy manages to look directly at the camerastallion; luckily, this time her eyes were already acclimated to bright light. "Um...w-what are you doing here? Are you looking for more photos?" Fluttershy turns her attention back to the open roof and the departing Plain Sight. "Um, t-take care. See you soon."

Dusk hmmms, looking over to Chance. Dusk is actually pretty surprised with the numbers being as high as they are. He calls NightRaven in to take a ittle break before we test the weather stuff. He looks up, seeing Plain Sight heading off. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Sight. And you are quite welcome. Do feel free to drop in anytime!" He watches her go, passing the camera pony on the way, flashing all the pictures with NightRaven's silver catching and reflecting it in interesting paterns. Indeed she probably would be popular at raves! He goes to sit over with Chance, but turns and smiles to Fluttershy, "My lady, you were saying you had some questions, perhaps?"

Chance makes it a point to glance over to Plain Sight as she leaves. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Plain Sight! I hope to see you around sometime again!" He finishes up the calculations for Dusk and hands the clipboard and pen back, and finally the stopwatch. He relaxes for the while, but glances over to Negative with a friendly smile. "Good afternoon!" he offers.

Plain_Sight smiles and waves to Dusk and Chance on her way out. "Farewell!" She murmurs breifly to Negative on her way out and heads for the door. What a nice visit!

Negative walks along, taking pictures here and taking pictures there. He smiles at Chance and takes a picture of him too! *Click* Hello! He says to Chance, and walks by, taking a picture of the clipcoard and stopwatch. "Beautiful" He says. *Click*

Blink. Shuffle. Uh, what? Oh! "That's right. I-I'm sorry, I just got distracted by all the flying around," says Fluttershy, blushing a bit. "I-I guess, first of all, I had some, um, questions about how...outside magic might affect a pony if it, um...took root. O-or something." Her eyes flick away.

Dusk takes a seat with Chance and nods, looking at all the numbers. "Thank you, Mr. Chance. A great job on these. This and the quality of the manuveres I saw her performing, certainly points to quite the increase in skill. We'll want to monitor this closely, to indeed make sure there are no negative issues." No offense to the visitor, to whom he looks up, "And anything I might help you with today, sir?" he asks with a smile. He lets NightRaven take a bit more of a break, but he really wants to get to the weather tests if they can tonight. It may be getting too late. He smiles over to Fluttershy, "Oh. Do you mean such as what has happened here with Lady NightRaven? Or perhaps some other sort of magic?"

Chance nods lightly to Dusk. "Perhaps we should do another test in a week or so?" he suggests, then glances over to Fluttershy, perking his ears foward curiously to see if there's anything more about what happened to her.

"I-I agree. Um, I wouldn't mind volunteering for a fl;ight test, if it'd help." Maybe she's just gotten braver about flying in front of other ponies. "Oh, um, Dusk, so..." Fluttershy leans in and whispers, "I-it's about a friend. Who was...magically healed. By another pony. Um...could there be side effects?"

Dusk nods to Chance, "Yes I think it's getting too late tonight to do the weather tests I really wanted to do. Sorry, Lady NightRaven. Your tests though so far as quite wonderful! Perhaps tomorrow we can do the initial weather tests, plus check out the healing salve afterwards. But I agree with Mr. Chance. In perhaps a week we can run some further tests and compare those as well. I'll be interested to see if the effect fades, or how you get as you fully heal." His smile brightens even more, "Lady Fluttershy, that would be most generous of you, thank you. Yes I would love to have you do some flight tests with us. And perhaps some controlled tests with the crystals, if you were up to it, like we talked about before." His expression looks a little more serious as she leans in and whispers.. He nods, speaking back softly too.. "That is certainly possible. It would largely depend on how and what magic was used. Such as Lady NightRaven here, who has healed quickly too."

[ At this point Chance goes off to bed and Fluttershy and Dusk do a little side RP. We can assume just wrapped up here for the night and went home to pick up next time. ]