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Ponyville Library
& % $ & % $  . . .  PONYVILLE LIBRARY  . . .  $ % & $ % &

Impressive and mind-boggling on the outside, chaotic and overflowing on the inside, this is the Ponyville Library.  It's not hard to see why townfolks occasionally call it "Books and Branches"--the structure is built entirely out of a broad-trunked, hardwood tree!  Though most of its innards have been hollowed out, this tree is clearly somehow still alive, as thick green foliage covers the roof and rims the upper windows.
         The lower level has a central room with a circulation desk, an equine bust on a pedestal, and books on every wall--it's not uncommon to see them heaped haphazardly in a pile.  There's a kitchen and a pantry used by residents of the library--currently Twilight Sparkle, the princess's star pupil, and her dragon assistant, Spike.
         The upper levels are dizzyingly irregular, built as they are along branches of the tree.  Two overhangs are furnished with moss canopies.  The upper levels are also packed with books that appear constantly about to pop out of place.  They seem to be organized somehow, but it may be a good idea to ask the librarian if you need something in particular.
         Finally, the top levels of the tree feature a bathroom and bedroom for permanent residents, along with an observation balcony on which sits a trusty telescope.  The overall mood of the library is intellectually inspiring, venerable, and just a little insane.

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[       Players: Sugar_Rush, Twilight_Sparkle                                  ]
[      Sleepers: Solar_Solstice, Leather_n_Lace, Spike, Midnight_Glimmer       ]
[      Contents: Skymaster set                                                 ]

Twilight_Sparkle, talking with Sugar Rush over by a shelf of books, smiles and waves a hoof at Dusk as he enters.

Dusk indeed enters the library as the astute 'corn notices quickly.  He smiles, walking over to the shelfs where he sees her and Rush, giving a nod but not interrupting at first.

Sugar_Rush nods to the approaching unicorn. He opens up one of his saddlebags, and retrieves a small paper sack from it. "Would ether of you like a marshmellow?"

Stat  Name____________________  Sex________  Species___________________________
IC    Dusk                      Male         Unicorn
IIC   Sugar_Rush                Male         Pegasus
IC    Twilight_Sparkle[3m idle  Female       Unicorn
IC    Solar_Solstice[asleep]    Male         Earth Pony
IC    Leather_n_Lace[asleep]    Female       Unicorn
IC    Spike[asleep]             Male         I'm a dragon!
OOC   Midnight_Glimmer[asleep]  Female       Unicorn
---(  )--------------------------------------------( 3/7 Ponyville Library )---

Twilight_Sparkle smiles. "Why not?" She teleports one to just above her head, and catches it in midair.

Dusk smiles, "Sure I will accept one as well.  Thank you kindly."  He chuckles, watching Twi get fancy.  He smiles as he just magics his over to himself, giving the confection a sniff.  "And how are you both this evening?   Anything interesting I might be interrupting?"  He grins and nibbles the marshmellow.

Sugar_Rush nods to Dusk, "By the way, I'm Sugar Rush. And you are?"

Twilight_Sparkle has disconnected.

Mon Jul 30 03:45:45 BST 2012

Sugar_Rush [Male Pegasus]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sugar Rush is a pure-white pegasus, from the tip of his nose, to his
long flowing white mane that seems to "fluff up" in between his ears
and above his ice-blue eyes, along his ivory-feathered wings, and down
to the end of his elegant tail. He is a fairly athletic-looking equine,
though not overly "built", and moves with a certain grace. On his flank
is his cutie mark: A marshmellow set in front of a blue starburst.
Typically, he will have on a pair of saddlebags, bearing his cutie mark
symbol as well.
(An image of Sugar Rush can be found at http://i44.tinypic.com/2u6iu00.jpg)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dusk finsihes up the proffered treat and smiles, "Quite delicious, thank you!  Oh, my manners.  My name is Dusk.  It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Rush!  Did you make those yourself?"  Based on your cutie mark he's going to go with that being a safe assumption.

Dusk [Male Unicorn]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Your eyes fall over the fairly big and strong form of the unicorn stallion before you, Dusk's coat a deep black, but with a luminescent sheen to it, catching even the softest light, highliting the various shapes and contours of his body.
Depending on the lighting, at first you might almost mistake his mane and tail to be black as well, but you quickly notice they are a deep shade of violet.  Both are fairly basic in style, free flowing, and full.  The loose "bangs" of his mane somewhat obscure his face, but you can easily make out the reflective, much brighter violet eyes beneeth, as well as the protruding black spiral horn.
Glancing further back, upon his flank is a horizontal line, above it is the last remnants of a setting sun, with several specks of stars above that.
( Intro and pic:  http://goo.gl/QDJYM )
Dusk wears his usual pair of classy looking red anklet cuffs on his rear hoofs, each of sharp, clean material, and shiny like his coat.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sugar_Rush smiles, "Marshmellows are a Sugar family speciality. Nice to meet you, Dusk."

Dusk smiles and nods, "Well then it shows in the result of your work."  He glances over as Twi goes to another shelf of books, looking for something.  He turns back to Rush.  "So anything particular bring you here to the library?"

Sugar_Rush says "Well, I'm having a new home built for me, and was getting a book with advice for new home owners."

Dusk smiles, "Oh that sounds great.  That must be what Twi is off checking, I'm guessing.  So then I'm figuring you are new in town, correct?"

Sugar_Rush nod nods. "And you?"

Dusk smiles, "Yes and no.  I have been here for over six months.  So not recently new.  But yes, relatively new to Ponyville.  I hope your stay is fruitful as well!"

Sugar_Rush tilts his head, "Well, it is obvious that I'm a candy maker. My family has been in the business for generations. What do you do, Dusk?"

Dusk nods, "Indeed that did appear to be the case.  And myself?  Well mainly I research magic and other phenomenon in general.  But of late I'm doing some research to varied effects occurring here on Ponyville.  I head up the Research Center here in town, along with the assistance of Lady Twilight here, as well as Lady Mirage, and other researches who make use of it."

Sugar_Rush tilts his head, then looks a little embarrassed, "I don't consider myself particularly uneducated, but I'm not sure what you mean. Perhaps you could simplify that a bit for me?"

Spike has connected.

Dusk has to laugh just a little, "I apologize.  I suppose one does get caught up in the jargon when working a field for a while.  Basically I study magic.  And there has been odd things happening here in Ponyville which has gotten my attention.  So, I'm here!"  He grins.

Sugar_Rush nods. "I've heard some stories about Ponyville, but I'm sure they were exaggerated."

Dusk chuckles, "You might be a little surprised, Mr. Rush.  Few know much of them, even here in Ponyville.  But the Elements of Harmony currently reside here."  He gives a glance off in the direction of Twilight, going through some bookshelves a little ways off.  "And the fate of Equestria has rested in their hooves more than once."  He smiles gently with a nod.

Sugar_Rush blinks! "You mean...they are true? Whoa..." He seems a little shaky on his hooves. He leans against a chair for balance. "Sorry about that. Just got caught by surprise..."

Dusk nods to Rush with a smile, "Indeed quite true.  So thought it might be best you knew up front, rather than when the next crazy thing happened in town.  But at least then you can feel assured they will be doing their best."

Spike [Male I'm a dragon!]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Dragon" is a word that usually conjures up thoughts of huge,
intimidating beasts...but Spike is a baby dragon, and falls more toward
the "adorable" end of the scale.  He stands on two stubby legs, his pear-
shaped body balanced by a thick tail with a spade at its tip. The crest
of rounded green plates on top of his head brings his height to just
above the shoulders of most ponies; it trails off into smaller ridges
that run down his spine.  He's mostly covered with lilac-colored scales,
save his belly, which is light green. Two translucent green fins decorate
the sides of his head.  He has bright, green eyes with reptilian-looking
slit pupils, and two cute little fangs that poke out over his lower lip.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Twilight_Sparkle has connected.

Spike comes down the stairs from the loft, rubbing his eyes; apparently it was naptime.  He  pauses when he realizes there are guests, but it's not as if he has to get dressed or anything.  He waves as he reaches the bottom of the stairs. "Hi, Dusk.  And hello...I don't think we've been introduced."

Sugar_Rush blinks at the dragon..."Um...hi..." He looks Spike over curiously, "Excuse me for asking what is probably a dumb question, but...you >are< a dragon, right?"

Twilight_Sparkle returns, from whatever it is she was doing in the other room. "Oh, hi, Spike." She looks at the white pegasus. "Sugar Rush, this is Spike, my number one assistant! Spike, this is Sugar Rush. You can call him Rush, or Mr. Rush, but I'm not going to make you call him 'Sugar.'"

Dusk chuckles again as Twilight shows up once more.  He smiles.  "Greetings there, Dragon Spike!  Indeed.  Mr. Rush tells me you're helping him look for books on building his new home.  Did you find any while off looking, Lady Twilight?"

Spike grins up at Sugar Rush, and twirls.  He loves attention. "Yup, one hundred percent dragon.  Ever met one before?"

Sugar_Rush shakes his head! "No, we didn't get any dragons near Morgans Hills." He returns the smile, "If you don't mind my asking...is it true that you dragons eat gems and crystals?"

Twilight_Sparkle laughs softly, at the question, but lets Spike answer for himself.

Spike grins.  "We do!  They're really tasty, especially if you age them right.  I like sapphire best, although rubies are great, too."

Dusk grins watching Rush's fascination with Spike.  "Yes, dragons are pretty rare outside of their homelands, or during the migrations.  And even then you need to know where to look for them.  Two which most ponies are quite happy with."

Sugar_Rush searches a bit through his saddlebags, "Then I think I have something here you might like..." He shuffles some things around, "Ah! Here we go!" He pulls out some rock crystal candy on a stick, which he offers to Spike. "Tell me what you think of this!"

Twilight_Sparkle watches Spike with the candy, concernedly. Sometimes, Spike and sweets combine in unfortunate ways.

Spike takes the candy, and licks it curiously with his long, forked tongue.  "Ooh. It looks like crystals, but it tastes like sugar! Cool!"  He bites off a chunk and sucks on it happily; if there's anything he likes almost as much as gems, it's sweet things.

Twilight_Sparkle smiles, at that, but continues keeping an eye on Spike! She turns, then, to her friend Dusk. "So what brings you by here tonight?"

Dusk watches Spike and Rush too, but also smiles as Twi turns her attention to him.  "Actually just a slow night and was hoping to find you and Spike here at the library.  Always fun to get to talk magic.  Well even if it might bore any around us."  He chuckles softly.  He takes a seat not far from Twi.

Sugar_Rush grins at Spike's reaction to the sweet. "Great! I'll have to tell my folks about this. Maybe, if there are more dragons like you, we might have some new customers."

Spike grins and rocks on his toes.  He says, around the candy stick, "Ish good!  I'll take a dozen!"

Twilight_Sparkle smiles. She goes over, and sits near Dusk. "Spike, Sugar Rush here is staying with the Apple family, out at Sweet Apple Acres. He's going to be selling his treats here in Ponyville, if I understand right."

Sugar_Rush shakes his head, "I'm not actually staying with the Apples, Miss Sparkle. But I do hope, once I get set up, to sell my sweets here. Right now, I'm having to have them sent from my family's shop, so I don't really have much more than some samples at the moment."

Twilight_Sparkle says "Oh, I'm sorry! I misunderstood." She grins. "In either case, though, I think you might have a small, scaly customer."

Dusk smiles, "Well Ponyville is a great place to get yourself set up, Mr. Rush.  It's big enough to have plenty of ponies for business.  But not so big that everything is fully established and  you can't get anything started.  And there are lots of helpful ponies here too."  He smiles as Twilight comes and sits too.  "So anything of interest, Lady Twilight?  I don't think I ever did get to spend some time showing you how my talents work too.  But perhaps when don't have as much company!"

Spike is licking the last bits of sugar off the stick, curling his long tongue around it in a spiral.  "Have you met Pinkie Pie, yet?  It seems like you two should know each other."

Sugar_Rush blinks, "Everypony around here keeps telling me that. However, I have yet to meet her."

Screenplay comes in pushing the door open with her snout as she puls out the book on Painting she bollowed, "Here your book back." she says putting it back on a table

Twilight_Sparkle nods to Dusk! "I've been wanting to ask you more about that! You have the advantage over me; you pretty much know what my talent is, I think." She smiles at Screenplay, and whisks the book into the 'RETURN: SORT' bin. "Did you learn anything useful from it?"

Dusk smiles, glad to see Spike enjoying the treat.  "Yes and his 'marshmellows' are rather tasty too.  If not anywhere as crunchy as that appeas," he comments to Spike.  He glances over as Screenplay comes in, seeing as if he expected the new arrive as he gives a little nod and smile.  "Geetings, Miss Screenplay."  He grins to Twi, "Well indeed, from what I've been told, and your publicly well known deeds.  I have a fairly good idea.  But I also wish to learn more, as actually my common magic may be slightly rusty.  Have another skilled unicorn to practice off of can sharpen that back up.  And I imagine you might find some of my tricks a bit facinating.  Or so I hope!"

Twilight_Sparkle smiles at Dusk. "If you'd really like to show me, it should probably be when I'm not at work! Much easier to focus."

Spike amuses himself by incinerating the candy stick.  Sometimes having him around is like having a kid who likes to play with matches, except in his case the matches are built-in.  "What kind of magic do you do, Dusk?  Since we came here, I've learned about magical talents I never knew existed. And Twilight and I have seen a lot!"

Sugar_Rush hmms..."You don't think this Pinkie Pie has heard of me, and is now avoiding meeting me, do you?" His ears droop a bit, and he looks rather self-conscious. "I mean, I could understand why..."

Screenplay smies to the unicorn, "Yes Twlight I am paining my place now.." she sits

Twilight_Sparkle reassures Sugar Rush, "I don't think Pinkie Pie has ever avoided anybody on purpose."

Spike says "In fact, if you *wanted* her to avoid you, you'd be hard pressed to do it."

Dusk grins to Twi and nods, "Well seems hard sometimes to catch you elsewhere.  Perhaps can go by the Center sometime, or even better, out in the fields.  But um.."  He glances to the side and back.  "Certainly nothing too close to Miss Screenplay's cottage."  He grins and then turns to Spike, "Well it can actually be a little hard to describe.  I actually wish my dear Mirage was here.  She can actually bring to life the way I see things.  But roughly.. Everything exists on courses of action.  Past present future.  But there are many different paths and possibilities.  I can see those, and even alter them to some extent.  The results are much similar to regular magic.  But it's a fully different means to the end."

Sugar_Rush looks a bit more relaxed. "Oh, that's good to know. I think." He flexes his wings a bit. "So, Miss Sparkle, about that book?"

Twilight_Sparkle gets to her hooves. "Oh, right! Where were we, exactly?"

Sugar_Rush says "I think I'm suppose to sign out for it?"

The door is nosed the door open carfully. At the first sign of entrance a white dove flutters into the library and takes a perch up on of the higher bookshelves. Following that, a yellow pegasus comes in timidly. No, this isn't local vet and wallflower, Fluttershy. Instead, the yellow is far more pronounced in a canary shade topped by a short brown mane on a meek-looking stallion. He's clearly of a leaner, weaker stature than most and carries himself with an air of innocent, yet decidedly adult presence. Saying nothing just yet, he takes a step back at the sight of at least four other ponies in the immediate area and just softly closes the door behind him. He might have come in unnoticed had his bird not simply soared in overhead.

Twilight_Sparkle nods! She telekinetically offers Sugar Rush the signout log and pen, again.

Screenplay loos as she then heads out sayibg have a good night

Sugar_Rush takes the pen in his mouth, and signs the log. "Thank you!" He sets the book he is checking out into his saddlebags.

Spike ponders Dusk's explanation, frowning slightly with concentration and rubbing his snout with his hand.  "So...you can see what possibilities are coming in the future, and perform magic by changing them?"  He waves to the new arrival.

Dusk smiles bright as the not-Fluttershy Skyheart arrives.  He gives a little smile and bow of his head.  Again going to show as he said earlier, when it's not so busy.  If noted at the time he said that there was only one other visiting pony here.  He nods to Spike, "Yes something much like that.  Though mostly changing what's right now with something that /could/ have been now.  For example."  He figures might as well give a simple demonstration since brought it up.  "You have some different colored gems around, Spike, right?"

Spike looks a bit shifty-eyed.  "Well, yeah...do I have some I'm saving, you know, for special occasions."

Sugar_Rush yawns a little, "Well, I'll be seeing you folks later, I hope!"

Twilight_Sparkle smiles. "Well, it was wonderful meeting you, Sugar Rush! Good luck with your new home, and I hope the book is helpful. If you need more specific information, you know who to ask!" She keeps an ear turned toward Dusk and Spike's conversation; Dusk's abilities are, naturally, of interest to her.

Dusk grins to Spike, "Quite alright.  You won't lose anything.  Go ahead and look them over and pick one out at random and bring it over if you would be so kind."  He turns his head and smiles, "And have a pleasant eve as well, Mr. Rush.  See you next time.
Dusk watches Skyheart with a slightly curious eye too. :-)

Spike heads over to the stacks, pulls out a few books, and takes out a small wooden box that was hidden behind them.  He carefully opens it and reverently fishes out a large red ruby, which he brings over to Dusk.  All the while he's mentally planning where he's going to re-hide his little hoard after all the ponies have left.

Skyheart ducks out of the way as Sugar Rush is on his way out. He looks up at the shelf where Orpheus is perched and sighs. How is he going to get him down? Nevermind that he has wings he doesn't even remember half the time, he stays to the side, nodding shallowly to those who half-greet him in the middle of their conversation. He wasn't about to pry. He shuffles around in his saddlebags and just stares up at the bird for now, giving a quick nod for the dove to return. Orpheus, however, remains obstinate and refuses to move, preening lightly just to spite his master.

Dusk glances over to Twilight, seeing her watching too.  "And thank you, Spike.  And I apologize if this may come off somewhat parlor trick like.  But the simpler the better.  So, Spike, what color is that?  Is there something or somepony with a similar color?"  He has to look up and chuckle though, watching Sky, "Orpheus up to his usual antics, Mr. Skyheart?"

Screenplay sits down reading as she watches

Spike looks at the ruby, then at Dusk.  "It's red.  Like...well, an apple."  He holds it up, wondering what the trick will be.

Twilight_Sparkle walks over to Skyheart, next. "Bird trouble?" she asks. "Shame my friend Fluttershy isn't here. She has this...ability to get animals to do what she wants!" She peers at the bird. "Hey, you. Bird. Please come down here for the nice pony?" This, naturally, does not work; the unicorn shrugs, and smiles apologetically.

Chance pushes his way in through the door, pauses to get a head-count of the ponies here, then heads fully inside. He moves around the edge of the room over to the table quietly, not wishing to interrupt anything that's currently going on.

Skyheart chuckles and shakes his head. "Fluttershy's the one who set me up with this bird... She said he reminded her of her own pet rabbit. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Might mean she sees me as something similar to herself, could mean she thinks I'm due for the depths of the Nine Hells." He shrugs. He looks up at Orpheus and sighs. "He'll come down once I figure out what he wants me to figure out." He mentions. He shakes his head and faces the librarian again. "Sorry, where are my manners? My name is Skyheart."

Dusk sees Twi helping Skyheart, but he has learned that Skyheart needs to get some confidence to help handle Orpheus himself.  He waits for Twi to return her attention.  He smiles as Spike compares it to an apple.  "Excellent."  He has Spike set the gem someplace easy for him to reach and all to clearly see, perhaps right on the floor.  "Now just watch it.  Nothing more.  Don't get distracted or anything."  He sees if Twi is watching too.

Screenplay reads as she stay's quite

Spike gazes intently at the gem.  "Okay, I'm watching..."  He is, too.  This involves a gem.  One he's been aging.  It's Serious Dragon Business.

Twilight_Sparkle smiles at Skyheart. "Well, if there's anything I can help you with, I'm Twilight Sparkle." She pauses. "In fact, I'm Twilight Sparkle whether or not you need me. My identity isn't conditional." Another long pause. "I might be spending too much time with Pinkie Pie. At any rate, it's nice to meet you, Skyheart." With that, she teleports herself to the other side of the room, to where Spike and Dusk are, to have a better look. *paf*

Chance perks his ears at Twilight's rather stretched explinations, giving a soft personal chuckle. He glances over at the apple, then at the gem, wondering what Dusk has in mind.

Skyheart jerks back startled once Twilight teleports to the other end of the room. "I... I ah... H-How did...? But... You can't just... I..." He shakes his head. "Magic..." He sighs and looks back to his dove, watching as the bird has now taken to hovering by the self-help section. "Oh, now you're just taunting me..." He says as he walks over to the shelves.

Dusk ohs and greets Chance as he comes in.  "Ah come in, Mr. Chance."  He already knows a lot about Dusk's talents, to some extent.  Though perhaps not this.  "I'm giving a small demonstration.  Feel free to watch as well."  Once whoever wishes to is ready, and watching carefully, he just sits there and waits.  Is he doing something?  "Don't stop watching until I say," knowing the temptation is to look up at him with what seems like a long pause.  But the 'trick' isn't to distract you.  But yet nothing happens as you stare longly at the vivid green emerald, thinking nothing of that.  It is and has been green.  "Now, Dragon Spike.  Go ahead and pick it back up."  Is that it?  He didn't do anything.  "What color is it?"

Spike remarks to Skylight, "You get used to her doing that after a while."  He says this while never taking his eyes off the...emerald.  It was always an emerald, wasn't it?  He picks it up, and answers Dusk's question.  "Well, green, of course.  I thought you were gonna do a trick?"  Even as he says it, he looks unsure...something nudges the back of his mind, but he can't quite figure out what.

Twilight_Sparkle blinks. And looks at the gem. Then, looks back at Dusk. She grins. "Now, I could change the color of a gem, but that's not what you did, there. Anyone but a pretty powerful unicorn would have a hard time even wrapping her brain around that one."

Dusk smiles to Spike, and to Twilight.  "Indeed the emerald is quite green, Dragon Spike.  The very one you kept in your box.  But think back now.  What color did you tell me it was before?  What object did you compare it to?"  He gives Twilight a grin as she makes some connections, but he'll explain more once Spike has answered.

Chance narrows his eyes at the gem. He's seen many illusion tricks in his day, and something's off about this one. If it's an illusion trick. He focuses not on the gem, but on his memory. Red. They said red earlier. Like an apple. Something's been altered. He looks up at Dusk. "Is it still red, or isn't it?" he asks directly.

Spike glances at Twilight, then at Dusk, still a bit confused.  He frowns.  "But...wait.  Didn't I...I picked out a red one!"  He hurries back over to his little hoard box to tally the gems in there.

Skyheart can't even wrap his head around what the others are saying. He /tries/ to listen but just winds up dumbfounded. "Wait... but he's... it's... why doesn't...? I mean... Is he...? Why can't.../ But it's... What..." Skyheart is knocked out of his stammering by a book falling off the shelves and smacking him int he head. Then another. "Ow. OW!" He rubs his head and looks up at Orpheus who is flying conspicuously by a few empty holes in the shelf. Sighing and looking at the books there's /Overcoming Anxiety: A Guide to Facing Your Fears/ and /How to Find That Special Somepony: Turn Your Flaws Into Charm/. He looks back up at the dove. "Really? You, too?"

Twilight_Sparkle clears her throat. "The gem is still green, and has also always been red!" She notices Chance, then looks at Dusk. "Dusk, Chance...the two of you have abilities that could mix VERY dangerously. Promise me you'll be careful."

Dusk nods to Spike, "Now you're getting it.  Yes indeed, Spiked picked out his red ruby, as you probably remember now, thinking back."  Said ruby is safely in the box when Spike goes to check, but the emerald isn't.  "And I didn't just magic one for the other.  There were multiple possibilities.  Spike might have chosen any of the gems in his box.  He just happened to pick that one due to many factors up to that point.  But all those different possibilities still existed.  Each its own reality, no less valid than having picked the ruby.  Think of each as like a reel of movie film.  The director taking many different shots, and making many different movies.  We just see the one we're in, and the others just posibilities.  I spliced the movie at that point, while everypony was watching, replacing the gem with the version where Spike picked the emerald.  But I've found replaced items also come with replaced memories.  That emerald, that was picked that time.  Ponies watched Spike pick that one out, and put that one on the floor.  So even though it's a clean splice, the memories from that point forward are replaced too.  But.. They don't remove your memories from earlier.  So if you think back, you remember what happened then.  But there's never a clear point where it changed due to the new memories."
Dusk nods to Twilight, "So yes, it was red.  And yes it is really green now."  He smiles, glad to see she does grasp this as nicely as he had hoped.  As she said earlier too, most seem to have a hard time thinking of it even.  As he sees poor Mr. Skyheart.

Twilight_Sparkle nods, taking this explanation in. She has a big smile on her face, an egghead in the process of absorbing interesting new information.

Spike licks each gem, tasting it to be sure they're still what they look like.  One can't be too careful.  "So...every time my memories don't quite seem to match, that might be a sign that somepony's been messing with my version of reality?  That's kind of scary."

Chance glances to Twilight. "We're well aware of what our talents can do together, and that makes us all the more careful about having certain talents be used when in near proximity. We are, as you suggest, rather careful." He gets up from the table and trots over to Dusk. "You didn't alter anypony's.. or dragon's.. reality, did you?" he asks. "You altered the event instead. Re-winding the film, and letting the show run in a different direction. But it still feels.. off. The gem being green, that is." Both Dusk and Chance have talents that alter probabilities. Who knows how they're interfering with each other here?

<OOC> Twilight_Sparkle wishes she were not so tired. she'd like to imagine something grand, what with having those two ponies, plus herself, in one room. :)

Skyheart blinks and stares. Blinks. And. Stares. In a mental image of the poor poet's mind, a clock is ticking and some gears are moving in synchronization. Click. Click. Click. Click. SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH THUD! "....................Wait. WHAT!?"

Spike, not having forgotten about Skyheart's plight, retrieves two more books and offers them. "I think these might help."  The first one is _How To Train Your Bird_.  The second is _100 Dating Tips For Ponies Who Like Lists of 100 Things_. "That one is one of Twilight's favorites.  Maybe you'll have more luck with it than she has."

Twilight_Sparkle gives Spike a look. "You know perfectly well that getting an actual date is number 71 on the list, and I'm taking my time getting through the 40s."

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Dusk smiles back at Twilight, "And as Mr. Chance said, indeeda we are using much caution.  But it is helping explore the extent of Mr. Chance's talent."  He nods seriously to Spike, who finds his gems are exactly what the seem to be.  "That could be quite correct.  Though not always.  Ponies and dragons forget and misremmber things all the time.  So when I use my talent, even those that notice it, usually assume that's the case."  He shakes his head to Chance, "No, I didn't rewind it.  Both things, and all the other things happened.  Remember when Lady Mirage showed us all those paths?  I spliced the path of the gem at that point while it was being watched, and connected it to another.  So I didn't really change any pony's or dragon's, just the gem.  But the replaced item exists with its own memories.  So you seem to remember having been watching it."  He glances over at Skyheart, and lets Spike go assist.

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Mon Jul 30 07:28:16 BST 2012

Chance nods softly to Dusk. "I see. That .. actually makes more sense. Though I don't recall seeing it as green when you first put it down, after thinking about that. Though at first it seemed convincing that's what it might be." He glances over to Skyheart. "Wait.. for what?" he asks curiously.

Skyheart still sits there stunned and shakes his head. Then another book falls on his head. "OW!" /Intro to Magical Theory For Non-Unicorns./ He sighs and looks back up at Orpheus. "I failed that class growing up. Failed it HARD."

Dusk nods to Chance, "Right.  If you think back, your memory from before the 'splice' is still what it was.  You remember the red gem being taken out and being put down.  But at the splice, the replaced gem also comes with its own memories (and other effects on the environment).  So if you are just thinking of the now, and what you're looking at, then you remember it as the green gem having been taken out and set there.  You basically have two sets of memories.. almost.  But not really.  It's just memories are recorded all the time, and a matter of which ones you reach in to recall."  He grins over to Skyheart and his bird.  "Well perhaps he feels you should try taking it up again.  I would gladly help."  He gives a bit of a grin.

Chance nods softly to Dusk, then chuckles lightly as the bird offers 'advice' to Skyheart. "Dusk would be good for that sort of thing. Though.. I'm afraid I wouldn't." he admits. to Skyheart.

Skyheart sighs. "...Never fails." He says as he looks at the now FIVE books in front of him. Two on dating, one on bird training- no wait, Orpheus just plucked that one out of the pile and put it back... One of magic and one on anxiety. "Uh... Well with the librarian asleep I can't exactly check these out so..." He tries to step around the books to avoid the situation.

Dusk chuckles softly and nods, "Well I'm sure if you just sign them out, she will not mind."  Of course that may not be helping Skyheart so much.

Chance now looks to Dusk. "What do you think would be the outcome of attempting to use that ability on me?" he inquires.

Skyheart looks at the books curiously. "Well I'm putting the dating help books back... I have no trouble with /that/ I just haven't found anypony I might like who would even be close to being interesting in me." He mentions. "Seriously, my talent is romance. I just need to find somepony who won't force my hoof on my grooming. Er- Sorry. Rant." He mentions as he drops his saddlebags and starts to fly up to the shelf to put the book back. This lead to a peck from Orpheus, causing it to drop to the floor. "Ow! Hey, that one was close to my face..."

Dusk raises his brow to Chance, "As in changing or replacing you?  With say an alternate you that doesn't have that talent?"  He glances over to Skyheart, "And do be careful of those books.  Damage them and you may be looking for dates in the infirmary."  He grins, shaking his head at the two fliers.

Chance thinks for a few moments. "As interesting as that sounds, and that brings up an even more interesting possibility.. no. If you were to attempt to alter a part of me.. my mane or whatever."

Skyheart stays out of that conversation for his own safety. Orpheus has already flown to the check out book and is tapping it with a talon. The poet sighs. "Fine... But you have to sit there and listen to me read each one OUT LOUD." He says as he drops the books in his saddlebags as best he can (They're already stuffed to the brim with papers, quill, and ink.) and proceeds to write the check out.

Dusk hmmms.. "Well good.  Because if the first one, would first have to say no.  I refuse to use it on a pony, or most living things, other than myself."  To replace an existing pony one one that had never really existed..  Now that scares Dusk.  "Besides, second, I'm not sure that'd even work, even for a normal pony."  And he'll leave that at that.  "And third, your talent would probably interfere.  Now for the mane idea.  For me to change it, there has to be something for me to change it with.  There would have to be a path, a possibility where you had that different mane, for me to switch.  Can your mane be cut?  Or I'm guessing at least styled."  He smiles to Skyheart and Orpheus, "Worry not, Mr. Skyheart.  At worse you're learning more things.  And more knowledge is good, even ones you don't agree with."

Mon Jul 30 08:52:04 BST 2012

Chance considers, and nods lightly. "I could style it differently. Though I usually don't bother." he notes. "That should be considered safe enough. One would hope."

Skyheart gets ready to put his things away for now. He didn't have any other reason to be here. "Um... I guess I'll see you two later, okay? It's getting late."

Dusk nods to Chance, "Then in that case.  Let us say you were going to a hair stylist.  Now before you go in, you're not sure what you want to get.  You think of all sorts of possible styles, and go in and talk with the help there.  Then finally pick one out.  Now assuming I could separate changing your mane from changing all of you, then it /might/ be possible.  But that's a tricky idea.  But if it worked, then could presumably change your mane with any of the styles you might reasonably have chosen.  Unlikely choices would be increasingly hard to do."  He msiles to Skyheart, and looks to the time as well.  "Indeed it is getting fairly late.  It was good to see you again.  I hope Orpheus is happy with your selection.  Good night!"

Chance thinks about that for a few moments, and nods a bit. "And if you could replace my talent with another one..?" he further asks.

Dusk chuckles and shakes his head, "That I'm pretty sure would require replacing you.  Your talent is your special something.  To have a different talent, you would have have had to had a different interest, a different passion.  Be a different you."

Chance smirks lightly. "I'm not even sure what that passion is. I just like helping other ponies. But.. I see your point. It was just another idea.." he mutters.

Dusk grins and nods, "And lets say that even worked.  If it replace your talent, either either would have to mean there was some way to chagne your talent now, or that it was from a talent you got instead of this one when young.  The former seems unlikely.  The latter.. If an alternate talent from your distance past.. Replacing items has greater effect than the item itself.  If succeeded, it might well mean you were also long dead, and kill you.  And that assuming your talent didn't prevent it."

Chance nods a bit. "And I'll bet the later would be true. My talent would probably step in before it was even done. Besides.." He lets out a soft breath. "I've got a good reason not to do it that way now, anyways."

Dusk grins and nods, "Well that's good.  Because I find it equally improbable I would even consider it, much less attempt it."  He chuckles a little.  "Well it is getting late..

Chance smirks lightly, then smiles a bit to Dusk. "It is, yes. I think I should get some sleep. I'll talk with you later." and with that, he trots out.

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